Friday, March 5, 2010

Trip Day 5 Pics

Had a great day today. Had a test this morning, and this afternoon my host mom took me to the technical high school where she works. I got to hang out with the kids who are in the cooking class and cook with them (they start at 7 am and cook until 4pm on tuesdays and fridays!), and practice my Spanish. So much fun! Spent some time at my host sister's house afterwards, and then went to the market. The day flew by, and now I am writing this and listening to the mariachi band across the street play music. Can it get any better?

Here are some pictures of the 5th day of my trip to Nicaragua, only this place is in Costa Rica.
We started the morning out by taking a horseback ride to hot springs and a mud bath. This is me on my crummy horse who wouldn't turn, go, stop, or do anything else I wanted him to. So, I just rode without using my hands, because it was pointless! It was actually pretty dangerous with 40 people on horses that don't listen (and 39 of them didn't know how to ride a horse or had never been on one. Can you guess who the one is that had?). The guides got to pushing the horses to get them going, and everyone was bumping into each other. Not a good situation.
This is a picture of the group after we sat in the sauna and then applied the volcanic mud. All the girls were talking about how grea their skin felt afterwards...I just thought I felt like I went and rolled around in the mud, but it might be a difference in viewpoint that caused that. But, it was still fun.

The next two photos are of me on the zipline through the jungle canopy. The first one is how you normally zipline, and the second one I did upside down, which was definately a different experience! What a cool way to see the jungle, although it is kind of silly, too.

Finally, a cool picture of a horse (probably the stupid horse that I had to ride) on a hill close to sunset. Caught this photo on my evening walk.

Pura Vida,


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