Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You want me to do what?!

After feeling recovered from being sick yesterday, I set out this morning to go to the animal nutrition class for the second time. I got there about 5 minutes before class was to start, with not a student in sight. I was worried, but was pleasantly surprised when they all flooded in on time. Only about 5 people showed up late, which is surprising considering that nobody is ever on time. Class is supposed to start at 8 am and last until 10:30, but the professor decided we should start at 8:30, and we don't even come close to staying until the true end time. Why can't it be like this in the states?

As we proceeded through class the teacher began calling students up to the board to practice converting dry matters, etc. They are simple calculations, and I was understanding everything very well. I got worried, however, that my brain would shut down after he asked me to come up to the board for a problem. Gulp. All I could think was, "please let me understand him so I don't look like a stupid gringo!" Success! I was the fastest to solve the problem of the group, but it also helps that I have already taken several classes in the area that they are learning!

This afternoon I got bored from studying and headed to the local ice cream shop. I thought I knew what I wanted from the last time I was there, but evidently I didn't. When I tried to order, nothing I said was right, so I finally just settled for a 'batido de piƱa en leche,' or a pineapple shake. It was worth the trouble, and good practice. I guess that made up for me not looking stupid in class today.
Afterwards, I headed to this park, although I couldn't get in because it was locked. It is a part of the church with statues of Mary scattered throughout. It is a pretty cool area with a natural water fall.

They also put flowers up along the fence, I assume as a part of the beginning of Lent.
Pura Vida,


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