Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Holy Mackeral!

Today we left Granada, and headed for San Jose del Sur Beach in Southern Nicaragua. When we arrived, we spent 1.5 hours on the beach before lunch. I used this time well to get my self a nice sunburn (it was cloudy...didn´t think it would happen). Highlights of the day include:

-Banana split for $1.25

-Boat ride on the Pacific Ocean
-Catching a MACKERAL fish during said boat ride. We were the only boat of four that was a fishing boat, and I happened to be sitting in the back when the fish struck the line. They told me to real it in, and I did. I have been wanting to fish on the Pacific, and I finally got to! I will post a picture with my catch next week! (Definate highlight of my day!)
-Seeing whales during said boat ride (also a first)!

-Boat ride took us to a private beach with beautiful sand. There was also many hermit crabs all over the beach. How cool! We had hermit crab races. Some of us wandered down the beach to a more rocky area and looked at sea urchins, small fish, and of course more hermit crabs.

-While writing this blog I felt another earthquake. Definately the strongest I have felt yet...I really don´t like these things. Ugh.

Pictures of the most beautiful and amazing day yet to come next week!

Pura Vida,


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