Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Animal Nutrition Class

There is a small agriculture department at the university here in Heredia. Yesterday, I contacted the professor that teaches the animal nutrition class, and I asked if I could attend class to learn new vocabulary and meet students. He kindly said that I could, so this morning I found myself in a class full of Ticos (Costa Ricans) listening to something that wasn't geared toward looking at sentence structure and how to conjugate verbs. It was a nice change! I understood for the most part, and it is made easier due to the fact that most scientific words (of which there are a lot in animal science and nutrition) are pretty much the same! I am anxious to continue learning more vocabulary and meeting students through this class.
In Costa Rica, each neighborhood is named after the church. I live in San Bartolomé, and this is a photo of La Iglesia San Bartolomé. In every neighborhood where there is a church, there is also a park to the east directly across the street, and many times a school directly to the north from the park. All of the churches here are beautiful.
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