Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Election, Cooking Class

Happy Tuesday!

Following up on the elections that occurred on Sunday in Costa Rica: Costa Ricans elected their first female president, Laura Chinchilla. Laura essentially ran away with the election, winning 46% of the vote, with the next two competitive candidates only having 23 % each. Wow, what a statement!

Last night we had another small tremmor (earthquake, essentially). I didn't realize what had happened until this morning when the teacher mentioned that she felt it, and thought of me because of how badly I freaked out during class several weeks ago. When she mentioned it, I then remembered being in my room and moving some things on my desk when I heard the window rattle. I thought it was weird, considering there was no wind, but told myself it was nothing because then I wouldn't sleep otherwise. Guess I did a good job of fooling myself.

We had cooking class today. These recipes come from the country of Uruguay. Check out the pics below for descriptions. They are definately recipes that I will be making when I come home!

"Scones" Not the scones we are used to eating. These are small biscuits that are absolutely delicious! If you have ever been to Red Lobster and had their biscuits, these are very similar and extremely tasty!

"Alfajores" Basically, these are two sugar cookies held together by carmel, with a little carmel pasted on the side. Then, you role the cookie in coconut shavings so the coconut sticks to the carmel. Delicious!

Pura Vida,


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