Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nicaragua Recap

I have enjoyed resting up today after going to church this morning.
I must begin recapping Nicaragua by highlighting the poverty that I saw during this trip. Nicaragua is the second poorest nation in the western hemisphere followed only by Haiti. There were many houses that we passed that were not much more than a shack put together with tin. We were constantly being asked for money by people on the street. Nicaragua has a 65% unemployment rate, an improvement over 20 years ago when it was 100%. They have not rebuilt their capital city more than 30 years after an earthquake destroyed it. Why do I mention these things? I mention them because it opened my eyes as to how lucky we are, but ultimately how selfish we are in the United States. We worry about what gadget or clothes we are going to buy next, or whether we look good enough when there are people there that don't even know where their next meal will come from. I challenge you to consider whether or not you need that next thing you want, and if you can send that money to someone who really needs it instead. Even the poorest in the US have a pretty good life in comparison to many in the world whom can't help themselves because of the idiots in power of their governments who serve themselves. Food for thought.

Very dry area...I did see some rice fields, but it is mostly cattle.

Cathedral in Granada.

Carriages that gave us a tour of the city (one of the oldest cities in the America's. Granada was built in the 1500's, and several structures are still standing today, but if they are they have been rebuilt numerous times after earthquakes).

Somebody threw me in front of the train...didn't realize I had enemies! Fortunately I escaped. They don't have a train system anymore because the first president after the civil war thought it cost too much. They had an 11 year civil war starting in 1979 that crippled the country.

Cattle and horses walking along Lake Nicaragua, and my friend, Aaron (fellow K-Stater), trying to get run over. There were constantly cattle along (or in) the roadways.
Pura Vida,

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