Friday, January 22, 2010

Wish Granted!!! Now, please never again!

What exactly was it that I wished for? I wanted to experience an earth quake. Check. Complete. (Before you start panicking, it was nothing really. Yes, Mom, this is written for you).

For those of you in Kansas, do you know what it feels like when Ft. Riley is shooting off it's big guns? Sometimes the earth maybe tremmors a bit. This felt a lot the same, but much stronger. It lasted for less than two seconds. It was like walking over a creek on a little suspension bridge...just kind of a quick sway or uncertainty underfoot.

We were sitting in class when it hit on the third floor. The teacher immediately freaked out and ran to the door (evidently you are supposed to stand in the door jam). By the time she got there it was over. I was one of the few students in the class who felt it. I was pretty panicked, and looking for any escape route possible...doors, windows, up, down, sliding into the natural area in the center of the building. I was thinking about them all.

Evidently it is extremely common in Costa Rica to feel tremors like this. Their buildings are made to a specific code to protect them, so I feel a bit more safe. Evidently last year there was a quake that lasted for several minutes. My host mom was standing outside, and could hardly stand. Hope I don't have to deal with that unless I am outside. Also, they are supposed to be very common in March and April.

Guess it won't be the last...

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