Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I made it to Costa Rica. I finally got my computer to work with the internet here! We should be up and running now. I am living with a lady named Mabel. Her daughter is 22 years old, and sometimes stays here when she is not in her own apartment. We attend the same university!

After they picked me up in the afternoon, we had a nice afternoon in the house getting settled and drinking tea. We then went to the market and bought fruit and vegetables…the best fruit ever (and they drink a lot of fresh fruit juice!). After we left, I began having an allergic reaction to something. My hands and eyes got red and itchy, which made me start to freak out. We went to the pharmacy and got some Allergra, which made me better.

Saturday, we had orientation at the school all day. Had my first public bus ride (about 20 cents for a 10 minute ride!).

Sunday, my host ‘Mom,’ her other daughter and her 4 year old grandson took me on a tour of Costa Rica. We went to see her mother at the nursing home quickly, and then on to San Jose, the capital. We didn’t do anything to exciting except walk around. We came back and went to a cafĂ© and had coffee and cake.

Classes started yesterday. I don't have any on Wednesday, and otherwise I have classes in the morning. There are three times as many girls in our dance class, which works out well for me. Somehow I got the reputation of being a good dancer...guess I am better at Latin dances than American dances!

Pictures to follow!

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