Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Parents Arrive - Day 5

On the last day, we started off by eating breakfast at the hotel overlooking the beach. We had a guest for breakfast; a bluejay looking bird. He sat on the chair next to me and just watched us eat the whole time, and chirped pitifully for something to eat. It didn't work.

Before leaving, we enjoyed playing on the rocks, looking at fishes trapped in the pools of water, and finding sea shells.

Photo of the beach at low-tide.

Puente de Amistad. Friendship Bridge. This was a gift from Taiwan, which used to be a great allie of Costa Rica until Costa Rica decided to be friends with China instead.

Mom and Dad's flight taking off the next morning. The hotel was right across the street from the airport. It is strange here in the fact that the highway runs right next to the runway, and you can stop on the side of the rode and watch the planes take off. I waited for their flight to take off so I knew they were gone (just kidding). It was fun to know when they were taking off, though.

Pura Vida,


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