Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Parents Arrive - Day 3

On the third day we were still at the resort at Arenal Volcano. The view was just as I remembered it several weeks back when I went...there was no view! It rained the entire day, and thus blotted out the volcano. Nonetheless, we made our own fun.
We started out eating in the resort restaurant, which is a completely open air establishment, just like most all eateries in Costa Rica. It was a relaxing breakfast as we listened to the rain.

Afterwards, we visited the butterfly exhibit, poison dart frog exhibit (didn't know they were poisonous at the time...oops!), leafcutter ant exhibit (very cool...they had them in areas where they couldn't get out, but had vines so the could walk around over your head to get from one area to another!), and the 'cocodrilos', or crocodiles.

We then were bored enough to go for a 2 kilometer walk up the hill in the mist/rain to a lookout point of the volcano (keeping in mind that we couldn't see said volcano at said lookout point). Along the way we found a group of horses, and Dad made a friend...kind of.

We went a ways further, and saw this funny sign. It says, "high volcanic risk zone - keep out." We claimed to not know English or Spanish, and went ahead.

Later, we enjoyed the hot springs in the cold rain before eating dinner.

Pura Vida,



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