Monday, April 5, 2010

The Parents Arrive - Day 1

The first full day that Mom and Dad were here we headed to Heredia to tour the market, the university and my house. After that, we (the parents, myself, my host mom, and my friend Andy) loaded up in the car to visit a dairyman that Dad knows. Dad drove the whole week, and began driving like a Tico before too long. If you see him in Kansas, please, hit the ditch. It will be safer there. Just kidding, Dad.

On our way there, we had some extra time to have a picnic lunch outside of the church in Cartago. Very fun and relaxing.

The farm was the same direction as Volcán Irazú, which I visited several weeks back. It was a breathtaking drive, and as usual, the cows have the best view in the whole country. Enjoy the photos of the farm!

Cows in the pasture. Almost all dairies in Costa Rica utilize a rotational grazing system. This farmer does a great job of this, and has 45 small pastures to keep his 50 cows in for one day. After that day, he moves them to a new pasture to allow the grass to grow back. This ensures that the grass is of the highest quality for the cows everyday. How cool, right?

Dad and the dairyman, Álvaro, checking out some of the grass that he cuts to feed the cows at night when he brings them up to the lot.

Pasture going over the edge of the mountains. We were the same level as the clouds!

The 900 meter (just over a half mile) path winding through the farm.

Pura Vida,


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