Saturday, April 3, 2010

End of 'Semana Santa'

Mom and Dad left today. I was expecting to get pictures up from our trip today, but I am going to wait a couple of days until the Easter celebrations are done.
Today marked the last day of Lent and 'Semana Santa,' or Holy Week. The Latin American world is very Catholic, which leads to many processions Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Holy Week. Today, Mabel, her grandson and I headed to a procession at the nearby church. I was surprised at how slowly they went; they got 400 meters (one lap around a track) in an hour! I expected it to be more like a parade, but it was far from it; very reserved.
Here are some photos of the different groups in the procession:
The 'soldados,' or soldiers. There were 44 in all.

There were six girls carrying items related to the crucifixion or Jesus.

Seven girls carried the seven things that Jesus said after his resurrection.

The 12 disciples.

The Virgin Mary.

Pura Vida,

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