Saturday, May 1, 2010

Alejandro's Birthday Party

Today, Alejandro (my host sister's son, I guess that makes him my host nephew!) celebrated his 5th birthday with a party. About 20 munchkins attended the event at his mother's house.

Having a go at the Dinosaur piƱata (Alejandro is obsessed with dinosaurs).

His Aunt Raquel dressed up as a payaso, or clown, for the event. It was pretty funny, because I thought when she came down stairs she looked like a pretty scary clown. Not long after that I heard children screaming and running...guess there is such a thing as a scary clown! They warmed up to her after a while, though.

Alejandro opening his mountain of presents.

Alejandro playing with his mountain of presents.

Before the party, Mabel had been invited to a meeting, which was similar to a city council meeting, to represent the school she works for. She said we would go to this event for a little bit, and I didn't think anything of it. While I have never crashed a wedding, I did a pretty good job of crashing this important meeting! I walked in wearing shorts and sandals while everyone else was in suites. And then we were the first ones to eat lunch and the first to leave! After telling Mabel that I was embarassed afterwards, she laughed and told me not to worry. Didn't bother her since she didn't even want to be there!

Pura Vida,


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